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So sue me okay?! Had to make a little fun. The tagline was awesome

Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) standing on the same iconic porch in the same iconic outfit.

Am I getting a sense of déjà vue here? Scratch that nevermind it’s just a headache. 


Same porch. Same outfit. Okay here is the legit pic.. 😍

Well she’s back again ladies and fellas. Along with an entirely different storyline and a new daughter. For the second time! I am not kidding.

She is IN! Meet Ms. Karen Strode. (Judy Greer)Though we know nada about her character as of now. Most likely she’ll be all “mom he is dead let it go k?”

“But mom I love you!” Sorry kiddo. YOU ARE OUT! Say bye bye John Tate. The 90s are over sweetie. The backdoor is expecting you along with that retarded ass haircut.

2017 has been a very interesting year for the horror genre and also for television.

How so you ask? Well, for starters some good horror films hit theatres for once in god knows how long? **COUGH SINCE 2009** That’s something to take note of and seriously cherish fellow horrormeisters. It will be duely noted.

However,  the most interesting aspects from this year was the **DRUM ROLL**

………..”THE REVIVAL!!!!”…………

Yes Kmart shoppers that is correctumundo. It affected both the television and film industries. Will & Grace and Roseanne are just two examples of many to come.

Because of this “phase” several film and television writers are just saying “fuck it” and starting from scratch despite any established storylines and or continuity. Lamens terms? They are just denying their existence. God bless America! Below is a quote from McBride (Co-screenwriter).

“We’re kind of ignoring all the films past the first one. It picks up after the first one, but it’s sort of an alternate reality. It’s as if the first Halloween ended in a slightly different way.”

A summary of what has.changed for the Laurie character.

I understood the part where he said the sequels were being ignored….BUT …..changing the ending of the first film has me in a “hmm that sounds uh interesting” mode. 

Before we go furthur I have to express my unhappiness with the fact that H2 is being ignored. Sorry but the film takes place on the same night as the first! This also means Michael and Laurie are no longer related. The whole brother coming back for his sister dynamic is 86d. 

That is pretty ballsy bros. I admire your brazenness I will admit. Kudos for that. But you better be cooking up something good in that kitchen or else the fans are going to start a lynch mob.

“I just hope that we don’t f*** it up and piss people off. This is such a diehard fan base. You don’t want horror fans being your enemies because they show up at your house with masks on. We are diehard fans of Halloween. We’re watching all the sequels and where things have taken left turns here and there that maybe bites for fans, and at least trying to deliver what we would have wanted to see. Hopefully, that will line up with most fans.”

– Danny McBride

You got that right Haas. They will be slandering your ass behind the safety net of internet anonymity. Again god bless America for its free will of pussy speech.

The plot is vague so far. All we know is that Laurie returns to Haddonfield along with her daughter and ends up facing off with The Shape yet again.

I’m interested to see how Laurie will be portrayed this time around. We already saw the alcoholic grouch known as Keri Tate in H20 so what angle is there to explore now?

The depressed and destroyed version we got in Ressurection. Yeah fuck that movie.

Carpenter stated the script was great…..but Carpenter himself is now a shell of the genius we all knew. Jamie said it was good…but she is also getting a percentage of the box office gross plus an extra 5 million sooooo…..yeah I bet its terrific! No more Activia spots for you girl. Way to go!

Its obvious my feelings are mixed. However, as more information comes along I’m sure I could possibly be swooned.

Just keep it simple guys.

Have Laurie be shown as someone none of us fans have seen before. JLC is a badass so we all know she’ll pull it off easily.

Danny McBride is a talented writer who also created the amazing East Down and Bound so he checks out.

Stay tuned for more updates as they pop up online. I will keep you up to date.

This fanart is fucking badass.

Article written by Matt -James Moczygemba AKA HorrorKablamDude©2017

Pennywise and his second job.


Pennywise has a huge sewer to pay off. Knowing that the "Candy Maine" Corporation appointed him spokesperson. He didn't get any residuals from the movie (cough New Line) so he did what he had to do and sold out. They fucked him over though by putting a clause in his contract forbidding him to eat anymore kids. Less $$$ for Candy Maine ya see? Poor guy is miserable. Hangs out with tired retired Ronald McDonald all of the time. Hanging onto the past I assume lol. #horrorjunkie #horrorupdates #everythinghorror #horrorgang #allinhorror #classics #oldhorror #ilovehorror #horrorclub #horrorlover #horrorgeek #horrorfilms #horrorfreak #horrorfilm #horrorfans #horrormovies #horrorjunkie #horroraddict #horrorlife #scary #horrorfanatic #scarymovie #horrorforlife #lovehorror #horrornerd #givemehorror #foreverhorror #horrorfan #horrorupdates

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